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Gilchrist County Florida

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  • GIL 105/106/107
  • GIL 105/106/107 Description
    Area Bell
    Lot Size 20 Acres
    No. Lots Two - will split.
    Price $65,000 each
  • Located just north of Bell, Fl. GIL 105 has been sold but we will sell the remaining 40 acres as one parcel or as lots of 10 or 20 acres.

  • Directions to the Property
    1    From Bell, Fl. go north on US 129 to NW 30th St. and turn right (east).
    2 Go 1.5 miles to the intersection of NW 30th ST and NW 20th Ave. Special Note: The NW 20th Ave sign is NOT there. It will be the next intersection past NW 25th Ave, which does have a sign.
    3 Continue through the intersection for about 150 ft. to a gate with a "RESIDENTS ONLY" sign attached to it. Our "FOR SALE" sign is to the right and before the gate.
    4 GIL 105 is sold and will be the SE corner property. GIL 106/107 will be directly behind (south of) GIL 105. See the plat for more details.